Castle in the Sky

Lately I came across a very interesting and well written story that i read with great pleasure and would like to share with you.

Here is the link

and here the beginning of the story:

„I was burned out. I desperately needed a break. I wanted to break free. And I had a flight ticket to India in the pocket which comes in handy when you are about to receive a Call to the Wilderness.

That time university education in Austria was completely free of cost and everybody used to study and work at the same time. So I studied and worked and worked and studied and – oh my, suddenly 10 yrs were gone. What was even worse, I had studied out of interest and not necessarily in a career-orientated way. I was interested in all kind of things and studied Film, Drama & Media Research, German literature, Philosophy and Mass Communication, Ethnology, Comparative Religious Studies and some Sociology – no wonder I was in such a mess. Meanwhile I worked a year for the biggest mobile theatre of Austria, a company performing ca. 500 shows/yr for children, was part of an Advantage puppet theater group from which I was thrown out, worked 1 1/2 yrs for the most renowned newspaper of Austria and then freelanced for 7 yrs in the production of feature films, TV shows and ads while traveling the world.“

Click the link above to continue the story.

Thanks Arno for sharing this experience with us and we are waiting for more 🙂

der Weise ist bescheiden und nicht nur…


Shri Ganesha gilt in Indien als der Gott der Weisheit und Unschuld. Da er sehr bescheiden ist begleitet ihn nur eine kleine Maus. Letztens hat mir jemand dieses schöne Bild geschickt wo die Symbole, die in den Darstellungen Shri Ganeshas oft auftauchen, erklärt sind. Enjoy! 🙂