Jesus in India


„So the first thing of Ganesha is that wisdom. And that wisdom we see in the life of Christ. From the very beginning, He was so confident of it that at the age of twelve years He went and talked to these Farsees, means the people who were priests, we still have priests and mullahs and these burgees and all of them, these so called dharma mantandas, all over, but He went and argued with them at that young age and He was just saying, „What are you doing here? What is this? What are you talking? All lip service!“ He was discussing and talking to them but His parents were perhaps, were frightened that these people might kill Him so they brought him to India.

He came to India for wisdom. I don’t know where is that wisdom missing now from Indians, but must be that country was full of wisdom when He came and stayed in India and we have lots of memories about Him, even the King Shalivahana met Him, is described in his book that he met a man in Kashmir who was very saintly and he asked Him, „What’s your name?“ He said, „My name is Issa.“ See now, imagine – Issa. ‚I‘ (PRONOUNCED ‚EE‘, EESA) is the word used in the Vedas for the Adi Shakti. ‚Sa‘ means with. He said „My name is Issa.“ He said, „From what country do You come?“ He said, „I come from a country which is foreign to Me and this is My country.“

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Christmas Puja 1992