The life of Shri Mataji in 7 steps

„I belong to a family of very enlightened people. My father was a linguist and he was master of fourteen languages. He knew about 26 languages and he translated even Koransharif into Hindi language. My mother was in those days, was a honours in mathematics. So both they were very well educated and enlightened people.

At the time of my birth my mother dreamed something which she could not explain. But after that she had a great desire to go and see a tiger in the open field. My father was a great hunter, because tigers were a menace in the area where we were living. It was a hill-station called Chindwara. So there was a king who was very much interested in my father.

Somehow or another a letter came that there is a tiger, very big tiger and they are frightened of him that he might be a maneater. So my father took my mother and moved to that place. And they were sitting in what we call as a Machan. Where they built something for people to sit on top of a tree, from where they can shoot nicely. And then my mother tells me that a big huge tiger, of very big size, very beautifully appeared on the field and she felt tremendous love for the tiger.

It was a full moon day and she felt extremely compassionate towards the tiger and when my father raised his gun to shoot, she stopped and she wouldn’t allow him. The tiger went away and he never came to that forest again. But that made my father think, because he himself is a realised soul. That must be somebody what we call a goddess Durga, who is fond of the tiger must be born to my mother, because the symptoms where rather funny that the lady should like to see a tiger. So he told my mother: „Now are you satisfied?“ Because they were struggling with the gun. He said: „Is there of Durga sitting in your womb, that you are trying to protect a tiger?“ She said: „Yes, yes stop it now, I won’t allow you!“.

Like that there were many incidents in my life, because I am of a Christian family, Protestants and when I was born my mother didn’t feel any labour-pains or anything just I was born. She did not know how and I had no blood on my body, nothing. I was clean washed that is why they called me as Nirmala.

But my grandmother said that she should be called as Nishkalanka. That means the one which has no spots on her. But that is the name of a man. So they said alright we call her Nirmala meaning the same – Immaculate. Now all these incidents. And then my father, being a realized soul, he felt tremendous vibrations from me and he felt that this life is great and that she will do something great in this life. I do not know why, but I don’t know if hedreamed or he understood it, but all the time if I remember when he talked to me, he used to say that: „You have to find out the way of giving „en mass“ realisation all the time.“
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, ORF Interview “Lebensbilder” 9. July 1986, Vienna

„My father said: „Before you do not develop this technique of giving „en mass“ realization do not talk about religion. Let nobody know that you know anything about it, because they will crucify you or…“ (He was rather worried that people won’t understand) „… or you may write another Bible or Gita – no use.“

First of all you must give them realization. If they get their realization then they will realize that there is something about it, about this human awareness. For example, he always used to give an analogy. Supposing we are born on the tenth storey and everybody is on the ground. You must at least make them climb two storeys so they know that there is something above. Otherwise no use talking about it.“ And he said: „This is the mistake between the saints and the incarnations was, that they never realized that these people are still on the ground. They have to still enter into the medium. So that is what you have to be very careful that first of all you must give realization to them.“

So I was seeking the ways and methods, working it out inside myself through my own style of meditation in the sense that I would work out all the permutations and combinations and when I met one person then I would see what problems that person had, how you can overcome it, like that I would try to study that person internally.

And I went to many people to find out, but I found they were great hypocrites. I saw so many of these Gurus, most of them. When I saw them, I was surprised they were all hypocrites. Money making and also. I went to Rash Neesh also to see him and he said that I should come to his program. I did not know what sort of man, because he was talking about Gita and I thought he might be knowing something about it.

I went there but my husband said: „No, I won’t allow you to go to this program. So he arranged his own…….. There I could see all the things which were going on. And that is the day somehow or anotherI said: „I must open the last chakra!“
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, ORF Interview “Lebensbilder” 9. July 1986, Vienna

„Then I decided to stay the night at the seashore. I was all alone and felt very good. There was no one around to say a word. And then in meditation, I felt that the time had arrived when the Sahasrara must be opened. The moment I desired for the opening of the Sahasrara, what I noticed was that the Kundalini rose like a telescope within me, opening one stage after the other, traveling upward – khat, khat, khat. The color of it was like the mixture of all the colors of these lamps put together, which you used for decoration. It was like the color of melted red-hot iron.

Then I saw the external structure of the Kundalini that kept on rising up, creating sounds at each chakra. The Kundalini rose up to pierce the Brahmarandhra. Piercing mine was not a big deal, but then I thought it would now become easier in the world. I felt at that moment whatever energy was there above, suddenly entered within me like a cool breeze from every direction. It was then, that I realized that now there was no harm in starting the work.“
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Hindi talk at Diwali Puja 1995, Nargol, India.

And I started with one lady who got realization first. Then we got about twelve people who got realization. In two years got only about 14 people realization. Then gradually when 14 people got realization then many others started getting realization. But I started also curing people, because that was helping a lot. Then my husband got elected to this post and we had to come to London.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, ORF Interview “Lebensbilder” 9. July 1986, Vienna

„But today it is the day I declare I am the One who have to save the humanity. I declare I am the One who is Adi Shakti (Holy Spirit) – who is the Mother of all Mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti (i.e. power) of the Desire of God – who has incarnated on this Earth to give meaning to itself, to this creation, to human beings, and I am sure that through My Love and Patience and My Powers I am going to achieve it. I was the One who was born again and again. But now I have come in My complete Form and with complete Powers. I have come on this Earth not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven – the Joy, the Bliss – that your Father wants to bestow upon you.“
Shri Mataji, London, Dollis Hill, 1979

Then in the second era, now, you will not desire so much that Mother should be there – you’ll take it over from Me. This is the divine desire I’m telling you about, and you have to work on that from today onwards. I am with you, you know that; but need not be in this body, because I don’t know if I exist in this body or not. But once this desire starts working, you will see tremendous miracles happening. When the child is born to a mother, automatically she gets milk. So the nature is so connected with the whole thing. In your divine desire also it is connected. And it is very evident when you are a divine person.

So you may find Me anywhere: you are walking on the street, suddenly you might find Mataji walking with you. So this is the second era we have started, and you should not be shocked if you see Me sitting on your bed and putting My hand on your head. Or you may see Me in the form of Christ walking into your room, or as Shri Rama. That has to happen, so you should be prepared. Already so many miracles have taken place on you, but on a grosser level. We have seen the light coming on My head, and the photographs have shown some miracles to you. But many things will happen, that you will see something that you could never imagine. This has to happen, just to convince you that you have reached a certain height of your evolution in the new area of Pragyalok. Because this is a new state into which now you will be entering, on a horizontal basis.
Shri Mataji, 5th May 1984, Rouen France

On tour in Germany


Here we are! We all got one week free, rented a big car and went to Germany to travel around and give Realisation.

Our first stop was Schwerin – small city in the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern (East Germany) where Counceler Merkel and also Ronald´s parents are coming from.
Ronald´s parents welcomed us with a table full of the most delicious food and we felt like in a 6star hotel.

This is the guard of the house! Gradually with our good manners and some sausages we won him over .


Schwerin has a castle that looks like from a fairy tale:


Right in front of it we were giving Realisation. There were people from all over the world but not a single Schweriner.


Ronald´s desire to lift up Schwerin was very strong!


This fotos were taken short before we saved Petermännchen.

ronald leeladavid
If you are curious who Petermännchen was here is his story: some time ago Schwerin was a pagan place. The denish catholics found it very disturbing, they invaded Schwerin and have forbiden the people to worship the old Godesses and Gods. The son of the king however covered by night sniked in the temple to pray. Once he heard a strange noise from the inside. It was a priest destroying the temple from within; blind in rage the Prince took his sward and put an end to the priest´s life. But before the priest died he managed to curse the Prince. Since that time the prince should live in the Schweriner See as a kind of goblin. Only true children of Christ would save him one day – so the legend.

But that time we did not know the story of poor Petermännchen. We enjoyed a bootstour on the beautiful Schweriner See and someone had the idea to offer to the sea a picture of Shri Mataji. And so we did. Pictures of Shri Mataji have tremendous vibrations. If you put them in water and use it to flower vegetables or flowers they become twice or three times the size. I tried it.

So now Schweriner See is vibrated and Petermännchen free and hopefully enjoying himself! 😉

After having a good time in Schwerin we went to Rögen, which was not very inviting. We found a most bizarre camping place. It was right in front of a 5km long building which looked basically like a bunker and was build by nazis before the second WW. It was an ugly ruin and the vibrations were horrible. The whole nature seemed to cry.

We decided to leave Rögen and go to Leipzig.

In Leipzig:


We had some good meditations:


And of course a lot of fun:

here we descovered that our husbands a synchron-swimmer.

Du bist der Meister deines Lebens und deines Todes


Die natürlichen Gesetze des Universums sind unantastbar. Energie verdichtet sich zu Masse. Man isst mit dem Mund und nicht mit der Nase. Wer zu atmen vergisst, läuft blau an und stirbt. Über gewisse Dinge kann man sich einfach nicht hinwegsetzen.

Es ist auch Bestandteil des kosmischen Gesetzes, dass, was du sagst und tust, dein Leben bestimmt. Der Durchschnittsmensch meint, dieses Gesetz sei eine Äusserlichkeit, und fühlt sich davon eingeschränkt und gesteuert.
Seine Wünsche beunruhigen sein Gemüt, sein Gemüt beunruhigt seinen Geist, und er lebt in ständigem Kampf mit sich und der Welt. Sein ganzes Leben ist ein Ringen damit.

Der überlegene Mensch erkennt, dass er und das höhere Gesetz eins sind.
Darum übt er sich darin, mit ihm übereinzustimmen, mässigt seine Handlungen und klärt sein Denken.
Gelingt ihm dies, so ist er im Einklang mit allem, was göttlich und erleuchtet ist.

Er verbringt seine Tage, indem er Gelassenheit einatmet und Zufriedenheit ausstrahlt.

Dies ist die tiefe und einfache Wahrheit:
Du bist Meister deines Lebens und deines Todes.
Was du tust, ist, was du bist.

LAO TSE (übersetzt von Brian Walker)

Ein grosser Meister ist gestern 253 Jahre alt geworden!


Wir verneigen uns vor dem grossen Meister der Musik!

Mein Mann und ich haben eine spezielle Verbindung mit Mozart weil wir genau an dem Tag seines 250sten Geburtstages standesamtlich geheiratet haben. So ein Glück, dass keiner im Januar heiraten will 🙂 Der Standesamt-Terminkalender war völlig leergefegt und die Beamtin sagte wir können jeden Januartag haben, den wir wollen. Wir tipsten auf irgendeinen Tag unter der Woche und als wir später herausfanden, dass unser Hochzeitstag auch Mozart Geburtstag ist, waren wir sehr glücklich. Der Zufall war uns hold 🙂

Mein Zugang zu Mozart ist kein musikalischer, sondern ein vibratorischer. Erst durch die Vibrationen lernte ich seine Musik zu schätzen und seinen Genie zu verehren. Wie zum Beispiel an unserem Hochzeitstag: Mozarts Vibrationen flossen in Strömen und alles war so leicht, fröhlich, verspielt. Die ganze Zeremonie über machten wir Witze mit dem Standesbeamten und lachten. Es war ein wunderbarer Tag!
Genau die gleiche Art von Vibrationen spürte ich als wir Mozart´s Geburtshaus in Salzburg besuchten. Keine Spur von der Schwere und Ernsthaftigkeit, die auf der Stadt lasten; wieder diese verspielte Leichtigkeit und Lebensfreude und alles förmlich überflutet mit Vibrationen.

Seit diesen zwei Ereignissen höre ich Mozart´s Musik mit einem anderen Ohr 🙂

Und hier sind zwei Fotos, die wir in seinem Haus gemacht haben, bevor uns gesagt wurde, dass fotografieren verboten ist 🙂



Sein Haus von aussen:

Zen im Schnee


“ Within us lies the peace, the
beauty, the glory of our being.
There is an ocean of all
that. We cannot seek it outside.
We have to go within.“

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Dieser Winter mit seinen Temperaturen bis -30 grad ist rekordverdächtigt! Solche Temperaturen haben wir bis jetzt eher mit Sibirien in Verbindung gebracht 😉
Heute bin ich mit meinem Mann die Donau entlang spaziert und dabei dieses schöne Motiv entdeckt. Ich nenne es: „Zen im Schnee“.

Castle in the Sky

Lately I came across a very interesting and well written story that i read with great pleasure and would like to share with you.

Here is the link

and here the beginning of the story:

„I was burned out. I desperately needed a break. I wanted to break free. And I had a flight ticket to India in the pocket which comes in handy when you are about to receive a Call to the Wilderness.

That time university education in Austria was completely free of cost and everybody used to study and work at the same time. So I studied and worked and worked and studied and – oh my, suddenly 10 yrs were gone. What was even worse, I had studied out of interest and not necessarily in a career-orientated way. I was interested in all kind of things and studied Film, Drama & Media Research, German literature, Philosophy and Mass Communication, Ethnology, Comparative Religious Studies and some Sociology – no wonder I was in such a mess. Meanwhile I worked a year for the biggest mobile theatre of Austria, a company performing ca. 500 shows/yr for children, was part of an Advantage puppet theater group from which I was thrown out, worked 1 1/2 yrs for the most renowned newspaper of Austria and then freelanced for 7 yrs in the production of feature films, TV shows and ads while traveling the world.“

Click the link above to continue the story.

Thanks Arno for sharing this experience with us and we are waiting for more 🙂

Hopi Prophecy

Photo: tony.eckersley (flickr)

I heard once a story how Shri Mataji was flying on a plane over USA and at some moment She felt tremendous Vibrations. She asked where exectly they were and the answer was: they were flying over Arizona. I looked into Wikipedia and discovered that the Hopi and Navajo people were living there. They have a very deep, spiritual culture.

Shri Mataji also mentioned once that the Culture of the Native Americans was on such a high spiritual level that they were about to get the collective Selfrealisation. Unfortunatly Columbus came and with him great destruction.

There is a famous Hopi Prophecy talking about a moment when the humanity will be standing on a crossroads. There are many more Prophecies like this, even in the West there was a great poet and Visionary called William Blake. He described quite accurate the modern times. Also Johannes. But honestly, just look around or switch on the tv. You don´t need much imagination or creativity to see how we are collectively heading towards destruction.

It seems to be some kind of mass hallucination. Only few live in reality and see clearly. It´s time to get awakened, to take position.

Look at this strong and clear message:

Tadahiro Uesugi und die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins

Tadahiro Uesugi

Uesugi ist mein Lieblingsillustrator. Ich finde Kunderas Buchtitel: „Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins“ beschreibt seine Bilder perfekt.
Irgendwie glaube ich mich erinnern zu können, als Kind die Welt so wahrgenommen zu haben wie sie in Uesugi´s Illustrationen ist: voller Leichtigkeit, Humor und Gelassenheit.