Hopi Prophecy

Photo: tony.eckersley (flickr)

I heard once a story how Shri Mataji was flying on a plane over USA and at some moment She felt tremendous Vibrations. She asked where exectly they were and the answer was: they were flying over Arizona. I looked into Wikipedia and discovered that the Hopi and Navajo people were living there. They have a very deep, spiritual culture.

Shri Mataji also mentioned once that the Culture of the Native Americans was on such a high spiritual level that they were about to get the collective Selfrealisation. Unfortunatly Columbus came and with him great destruction.

There is a famous Hopi Prophecy talking about a moment when the humanity will be standing on a crossroads. There are many more Prophecies like this, even in the West there was a great poet and Visionary called William Blake. He described quite accurate the modern times. Also Johannes. But honestly, just look around or switch on the tv. You don´t need much imagination or creativity to see how we are collectively heading towards destruction.

It seems to be some kind of mass hallucination. Only few live in reality and see clearly. It´s time to get awakened, to take position.

Look at this strong and clear message: