On tour in Germany


Here we are! We all got one week free, rented a big car and went to Germany to travel around and give Realisation.

Our first stop was Schwerin – small city in the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern (East Germany) where Counceler Merkel and also Ronald´s parents are coming from.
Ronald´s parents welcomed us with a table full of the most delicious food and we felt like in a 6star hotel.

This is the guard of the house! Gradually with our good manners and some sausages we won him over .


Schwerin has a castle that looks like from a fairy tale:


Right in front of it we were giving Realisation. There were people from all over the world but not a single Schweriner.


Ronald´s desire to lift up Schwerin was very strong!


This fotos were taken short before we saved Petermännchen.

ronald leeladavid
If you are curious who Petermännchen was here is his story: some time ago Schwerin was a pagan place. The denish catholics found it very disturbing, they invaded Schwerin and have forbiden the people to worship the old Godesses and Gods. The son of the king however covered by night sniked in the temple to pray. Once he heard a strange noise from the inside. It was a priest destroying the temple from within; blind in rage the Prince took his sward and put an end to the priest´s life. But before the priest died he managed to curse the Prince. Since that time the prince should live in the Schweriner See as a kind of goblin. Only true children of Christ would save him one day – so the legend.

But that time we did not know the story of poor Petermännchen. We enjoyed a bootstour on the beautiful Schweriner See and someone had the idea to offer to the sea a picture of Shri Mataji. And so we did. Pictures of Shri Mataji have tremendous vibrations. If you put them in water and use it to flower vegetables or flowers they become twice or three times the size. I tried it.

So now Schweriner See is vibrated and Petermännchen free and hopefully enjoying himself! 😉

After having a good time in Schwerin we went to Rögen, which was not very inviting. We found a most bizarre camping place. It was right in front of a 5km long building which looked basically like a bunker and was build by nazis before the second WW. It was an ugly ruin and the vibrations were horrible. The whole nature seemed to cry.

We decided to leave Rögen and go to Leipzig.

In Leipzig:


We had some good meditations:


And of course a lot of fun:

here we descovered that our husbands a synchron-swimmer.

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