……“Jivatma is the soul. Means with these five elements. And
these five elements give you your own identity, your own character,
your own particularities etc. These five elements; the way they are
placed in you. That’s the causal element, the causal of the elements
that are within you. Then these causals act on the chakras and
through the chakras these causals act on the other …on the grosser
side. So from the subtle to the subtler to the …you can say the
subtlest. The subtlest we can say is the Spirit, supposing. Then the
subtler is the soul. And the subtle you have the chakras. And the
gross is the body.

………. The Spirit and the causal put together is the Soul. You
see, like a mirror and its reflection on it. Both put together is
the soul. The causal of the five elements and the Spirit put
together make the soul. Now the vibrations that we feel are the
reflection of the light of the Spirit. The Spirit does not vibrate.
It does not v1brate. It is those elements, they vibrate. Like you
can say that lf you put a sound on top of this (a glass of water) it
will vibrate. You can put a stone in it, the stone won´t vibrate.
But this will vibrate. “

Shri Mataji
(talk at the restaurant in Volterra, Italy on July 25,1986)


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