Bunte Wände 2


Proben am PC 🙂


4 Kommentare zu “Bunte Wände 2

  1. thas cool! which kind of program is it? Also i need to ask about this documentary „Rhythm is it!“ u mentioned in another comment. Who are the authors? thanks a lot

  2. The program´s name is photoshop – it´s very practical; you can take a picture and overlay it on another to see how things would go together.

    „Rhythm is it!“ is a kind of docu. A group of artist (dancers, choreographers, musicians etc.) decide to make a huge dance-performance with kids from german schools (from elementary school to university). For most of them is dance an entirly new experience.

    So they show the process of preparing the kids for the big event at one handside and pick out some ot them ot show a bit from their lifes.

    It´s a very genuin and touching film, full of love and strenght. It´s also not a very flattering mirrow of western society. I thing you will like it Radha. If you like tell me your homeadress and I send it to you.

  3. Would be so lovely cool to receive Rhythm is it! Thank you, you are just wonderful. my address is: roberta so, 66floor, Flat F, Tower West, Chelsea Court, 100 Yeung Uk road, Hong Kong

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